F-BOMB – By ElizaBeth Coira

F-Bomb_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner.com

What if I dropped the F-bomb
In the hearts of every man
They’d wriggle, writhe
Twist and cry
For sins they’ve committed and permitted

What if I dropped the F-bomb
In the hearts of all women
They’d shift and sort
Through many thoughts
Pains, insults, injuries

Isn’t four letters
Though treated
As such

I ask
What’s so bad
About love
Thought, respect
A little consideration

Am I not equal
And wise
Do I not too
Have human eyes

Stop telling me
I handed you
The apple
When you’re clearly
The one so troubled

And twisted
Oh you poor men
Of course we women
Are to blame

We planted the seeds
Of sickness
You’re clearly
Not responsible at all

For your own thoughts
Own actions, desires
So cover and keep us
Abuse and conceal us
We clearly should never be free


Why I must drop the F-bomb
With no desire to melt off male skin
I use gentle love
Discussions of hurt
Vulnerability is not only feminine

We all must understand
And work
To embrace
Both sides of the world

Our souls
Our spirits
Both female and male
To become whole

We really are one
So why do we fight
And frighten

And fight
Human are we
Must this be
The meaning of existence

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