5 Tips To Unlock Your Inner Poet – By ElizaBeth Coira

VIEW FROM THE BOAT-By ElizaBeth Coira-HomeGrownSojourner.comWe all are creators, in one way or another. Creativity–the act of creating–is a gift we all possess. But sometimes in the throws of life, spiraling task lists, information overload, and competing screaming needs, we lose sight of this golden life raft floating through all of us.  How many times have you heard a friend say, “I feel like I’ve lost myself.” How many times have you felt this way too?

The Good News: 
You are never really all that far away from You!



As a poet, writer, communications consultant, and human that craves overall balance; connecting in to my creativity—and the core of my very being– is essential. My creativity has been a constant companion, guide, and compass through it all. You know what I’m talking about– the ups and downs, wrongs and rights, mundane and exciting, smiles and fights. From traversing cancer, to cultivating meaningful relationships with my 3 stepsons, tapping into my creativity has been the key to keeping me afloat.

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WHO KNOWS – By ElizaBeth Coira


As I stand
In the breeze
I wonder why the wind blows
Wonder where the birds fly
Wonder where the soul goes

As I climb
Up mountain tops
Glance down in to the towns
I wonder why so many lives
How many lessons must I try

As I sit
Under a tree
Look up through leafy greens
I wonder what this tree has seen
She seems so much older, taller than me

As I stare
At sun so bright
I wonder why so many lies
Blossom in people’s hearts
Judgment, hatred fills their cries

As I gaze
Stars in night sky
Moon beckons many to her light
I wonder will I too go
Where little lady bug already knows

IRELAND HOME- By ElizaBeth Coira

Ireland Home_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner.com

To know the land
To feel the land
Its tributes running through my veins

With head and heart
All filled up
By stone and green mountain top

To yearn to roll
In riverines
The caress of meandering hills and valleys

To long to melt
Right in to
The real life paradise before my eyes

Why do I know you

Why do I cry

Why do I love you

As though you were ever my home