LOVE’S GUIDANCE – By ElizaBeth Coira

Love's Guidance_ElizaBeth
May Love guide us beyond
The sickness of subjugation
That binds and confines us

Lead us to keep on
Growing, stretching
Like the flower reaching
To sun and sky

Like the trees that tower
To the moon
And the seas that flow
Into the horizon

What happened to all
Our three wise daughters
Re-written, demonized
Forgotten in fear

Why should the male
Fear his own thoughts
Cast out his struggle
On the form of the female

Play out his own fight
On the face of the planet
Sometimes we hurt
Those close, we love most

How many times though
Lives, lessons, cycles
Must we continue
To forgive

Or may we choose
To move beyond
Choose Love, not man
As savior and guide

2 thoughts on “LOVE’S GUIDANCE – By ElizaBeth Coira

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