Happy Poetry Month!

Happy Poetry Month

Did you know April is National Poetry Month in the United States?

I’ve been asked: “Why do you write poetry?”… “What’s up with that whole poetry thing?”

And heard: “I’m not really in to poetry,” more times than I can count!

Evidently though, some folks ARE interested. As I review my website stats today, I am truly ASTOUNDED…renewed in my faith that a little bit of LOVE really CAN go a long way! You’ll see what I mean in the map above, where countries in various warm shades reflect just where in the world readers of my site are tuning in from.

I’ve written poetry for as long as I can remember…but the truth is, I have absolutely NO idea why. Little bits come to me, here and there…ideas flowing through my heart, mind, and hand. But it wasn’t until recently that I really gave myself permission to let the poetry out…unfettered, unchecked, unstifled, unstructured, and unjudged.

Whether you’re “in to poetry” or not, I hope you’ll enjoy some of my little thoughts on life and love, whenever the time is right, at HomeGrownSojourner.com. It is my great JOY to share these unexplainable, creative meditations with you my friends, and so many others I don’t know personally, all around the world.

So here’s to Spring, Poetry Month… and simply seizing the moment to pursue what You Love! Cheers!

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