BEACONS OF LOVE – By ElizaBeth Coira


We are beacons of Love.

Love is our best defense
Against all that is not in the world
Both the seen and unseen
Known and unknown

Love is our best offense
Against those forces that try to force Us
To not be our beautiful
Amazing selves

Our best selves
Our free selves
Our soaring selves

Yet, with Love there is no need
For defense or offense

With Love there is no fight
With Love there is no struggle
There is no against
No competition

With Love we soar

We rise
We glow
We sparkle
We glisten

Is it Our nature to Love?
What do You Choose for You?

2 thoughts on “BEACONS OF LOVE – By ElizaBeth Coira

  1. Celebrating the landmark US Supreme Court decision granting so many of my friends and fellow Americans the legal recognition of their right to choose Love!

    Hope you’ll enjoy this poem, from my new book SENDING YOU MY LOVE.

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