BUZZY LITTLE BEES – By ElizaBeth Coira

Buzzy Little Bees_ElizaBeth
Little Bee
      Oh No!
Fallen in my path

I regret
I didn’t see
      Just in time
To help you out

Now your body curls
Your light
      Up away

But I will wrap you
Up in fields
Of flowers
A final death shroud

I wonder if
They’ll ever dig You
Up to see
Your final rites

Who really cares though
You and I know
But maybe your passing
Can teach some right

So many revere
Your product
But forget to see
You as a Life

Worth more than any
Still we spray poison

Just to kill You

We kill ourselves
And eat your honey

Drive the market
Car and food cart
Down the hallowed
      Empty aisles

Forget the buzz
That You

The energy
Gift of Life
      Imbues us
One and All

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