GREAT FACE – By ElizaBeth Coira

Great Face_ElizaBeth
I wander by a magnificent tree
Her trunk is thick and strong
Her branches reach so high to the sky
Her leaves glow with the knowing of fall

But this is not
What draws me here
I only notice

Pulls me in
Amidst her leaves
Peers a great face

The way her branches seem to grow
Creates a tribute alter
For worship of this great face
Mind, spirit, soul

I wander closer wanting
Some great message from god
But eyes of the great face never open
At least not in the way I know

I step back to look and ponder
Then realize what I see
This great-big-beautiful-magnificent face
Is also a wound and scar

The loss of a great limb
Oh so many years ago
That’s healed and warped
                                    Twisted under
The play and pleasure
                                    Of sun and weather

It makes me think of my own scar
When I examine it, what do I see
For now I’m too afraid to look
Face what will peer out of me

One thought on “GREAT FACE – By ElizaBeth Coira

  1. I’m wishing you all a very Happy Fall! What a beautiful season of change! As Fall paints the world anew, she too invites us to examine those things we might need to drop, just like the leaves. I hope you’ll enjoy this Fall reflection, written during my very first Fall in Germany.

    And I might add, there’s never any reason to fear facing and embracing all that rests inside of You 🙂 Happy Fall my Friends!

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