Grocery Store Line_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

We all start
From somewhere different
But I see the common
Spark in your eye

A moment of life
Though we will both
Surely cry

For why are we here
So greatly divided
By circumstance
Colored by green

Your cheap, neon cheese
My organic, fresh kale
We both wonder why
Anyone cooks salad

I wonder where
You’ll sleep this cold night
Enjoying your cheese
And pop

I’m glad we stopped
To share a smile
I wonder when
This insanity will stop

        We must
            Find a way

My brother
        My sister
            My friend

We’re better off when
Not only half
Are full

The power to share
All this world

Rests within
Our gentle hearts
The delta
Graces our hands

So how can we choose
To move beyond
This try at existence
To something more grand

Maybe there’s an answer
In my 80’s piano jam–
        Lift us up
            Where we belong

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