Are You Ready to Spread Some Love?

LOVE-By ElizaBeth

As we all know here in the US, Valentine’s Day is coming! And while our focus for this holiday is typically on the celebration of romantic Love; I’m reminded that Love nourishes our lives in so many different, other ways too…and thank goodness for that!

Just think about all the ways we experience Love. Isn’t it great to give and receive unconditional Love from parents, family and friends? There’s also nothing better than a loving snuggle from a sweet dog or cat to set the world a-right…Am I right?! Do you remember when you helped that random person, how great that felt? And what about when you took yourself out for a date, just because…

For me, there’s nothing like a walk in the woods, beside a stream, or into a vast untamed space to remind me that Love is in and all around me. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever given yourself permission to acknowledge that amazing energy flow that animates Life, in all its glorious forms? Have you ever felt that beautiful sense of interconnection streaming through your veins, roots, stems and systems? Have you ever had a chance to stretch out in the grass, suspended in the lovely smell of green all around; while feeling positively energized, embraced and serene alongside a joyous sunny sky?

As you can tell, I Love a good walk around Mother Earth…especially because it is in her presence that I feel a greater Love; a spiritual sense of Love and interconnection that has nothing to do with social institutions, belief systems, or governance structures…All it has to do with is simply being, existing, in the present moment.

My Simple Being Is Simply Love_ElizaBeth Coira

It is this idea that has liberated me from so many social and mental cages that once threatened to derail this gift-go-round of my Life. Everybody will have a different journey, but I do hope that Love– in all its gorgeous forms– will illuminate your Life for the better too!

This is what my gift book, SENDING YOU MY LOVE is all about…Witnessing, journeying and discovering the Love that has always been there for each of us; but was perhaps forgotten, lost or clouded for a bit. I hope you’ll consider this humble little work of mine; as you plug into and share some Love with those you care about too! And don’t forget, part of the profits from sales help to spread even more Love—with support for children and communities in great need, through one of my favorite international aid organizations, Project COLORS.

Why not join me to spread a little Love around the world, this Valentine’s Day, or whenever the moment feels right?! I greatly appreciate your consideration of SENDING YOU MY LOVE for any of your gift-giving traditions. It’s available for purchase through, Amazon Canada, and Amazon’s various European sites today!

For additional details, please feel free to visit my dedicated webpage: New Book: SENDING YOU MY LOVE.

Here’s wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day (just a bit early); as well as a life ever-filled with Love!

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