WILD WOMAN – By ElizaBeth Coira

Wild Woman_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

Wild woman
Wild hair
Let your wild flow

Golden curls roll like waves
Over tangled misbehaves

Wild woman bare your teeth
Let out your slow deep growl

Something’s lurking round about
Something’s stirring in and out

What oh what
What could it be

A beast
A ghost
A fantasy

Ears hear quiver
Body shivers
Lips snarl back
Fangs ready attack

Prepare to hunt
Confront the beast

But beast is She
And She is Me

2 thoughts on “WILD WOMAN – By ElizaBeth Coira

  1. Have you noticed that March is Women’s History Month here in the US? I’ve been enjoying so many stories and pieces on the vast, diverse array of experiences of American women…thought I might as well join in on the fun and share a few stories of my own too. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy…

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