LISTEN CHILD – By ElizaBeth Coira

Listen Child_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

I raise a flower for you
Why have you forsaken me

I rise a river to you
How could you have forgotten me

I grow a tree from a seed
To provide all that you might need

Breathe and eat of my breast
Yet you have forgotten all the rest

Birds your brothers
Even snake and bear

All of creation
Gifted with life
But not one hurts me
As you do

I cry
I try
Hope for you
That you will grow up
Strong, wise

As the tree
Yet without me
Your paths grow fewer

So I ask this day
That you may recall
Your Purpose

Smile and flow
Be at home
With Love,
                –Great Mother
                (Earth’s embrace)

6 thoughts on “LISTEN CHILD – By ElizaBeth Coira

  1. I am truly crying today, as I am forced to watch, listen, accept the murder of a 100 year old pine tree that’s been living across the dirt road from me. May I find the strength to open, change…hearts and minds

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  3. Mother earth gives us all, from air and clouds above it, from plants and veggies above or below the surface and gold and coal from its womb, but what we human do, load it more and more.

    You have real nice words for mother earth, let us respect it.

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