DON’T BE AFRAID – By ElizaBeth Coira

Don't Be Afraid_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

Don’t be afraid
To disconnect
Settle into the wisdom
Flowing within

Don’t be afraid
To release the dis-ease
From a life over-sung
By external hums

Don’t be afraid
To trust, know Yourself
Roll around in the myriad
Of splendored treasures

Don’t be afraid
You’re never alone
For the silent still whispers
Of Love abound

Life-Mapping with Intuition Workshop at Loon Lake, WA THIS Saturday!

Tapping The Well Within_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

Are You ready to explore, envision, & embrace those whispers of Love, Joy, Wisdom, & Guidance welling up in You?

Tapping the Well Within ~ Flow with the Wisdom in You
THIS SATURDAY! August 13th, 2016
9:30 – 11:00 AM
The Shore Acres Resort on Loon Lake

Join writer, poet & facilitator ElizaBeth Coira ( for a fun, creative approach to self-discovery! We’ll convene a circle on the soothing shores of Loon Lake to explore the great dreams, desires, ideas, & goals growing inside of You! Through artistic expression we’ll invite our hearts, heads, & spirits to come into a greater sense of balance; clearing out the clutter to witness the wisdom pulsing through each of us…our very own beautiful sense of Wellness Within!


The Shore Acres Resort on Loon Lake
41987 Shore Acres Road, Loon Lake, WA 99148
All sessions take place on the lakeside deck, across from the store, behind the restaurant, overlooking scenic Loon Lake.

RSVP & Cost
I’d love to share some time soon with You! Please let me know if You & Your Friends can join us! The cost is $25 (please provide payment in cash). I greatly appreciate Your RSVP as early as possible, to ensure I have plenty of space, snacks, & art supplies just for You 🙂 E-mail:

Please feel free to contact me through one of the various channels listed below:

This is my last scheduled workshop at the lake for the summer, & I’d love to share it with You! MANY thanks for Your consideration & helping to spread the word too. As a small business owner, Your support really does mean the world to me!


You're Better Than That_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

What drives people to hurt our home–planet
So too we hurt ourselves

What drives people to harm another
Too many guts filled with poisoned cultures

What drives people to go astray
Or simply continue to look the other way

What drives anyone to fill up on hate
Fear, aggression
Blind, rabid competition

We choose to see
We choose to believe
We choose to feed on ideas

But a Loveless diet
Yields only the waste
What about the promise
Of our human existence

It need not be
A race to the bottom
End my friends

You’re better than that