The (un)Merry-Go-Round – By ElizaBeth Coira


Who votes for the devil
To “do god’s work”
What a strange perspective on
~ Good ~

Too many have swallowed
The poisoned seed
Hollow idols following
Chasing a belief

That salvation isn’t
A given birthright
It hurts to believe
You’re born guilty

Creates a psychology
Of struggle against
The very beauty
Of reality

To live in the blind
Fog of a lemming
How does it feel
To be a pawn

To hang on the words
Whims of war lords
The noose doesn’t fall
Too far from the tree

For how many lives
Beyond our recall
Of human history

Have we common folk
Met and bled
Been sacrificed by the righteous
For ego and greed

It’s your choice to ride
Or jump off
The merry-go-round

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