Thank You “SENDING YOU MY LOVE” Readers! Donations Made With Your Purchase!


MANY THANKS to all of you who have purchased and read my gift book, SENDING YOU MY LOVE – Little Thoughts on Life and Love! Your 2016 purchases have allowed me to make donations to help children in great need in both Sri Lanka and South Africa– from all of us!

Through one of my favorite international aid organizations, Project COLORS,  girls living in a Sri Lankan children’s home will have the opportunity to attend school. And toddlers in South Africa will receive critical, immune-boosting nutrition to save their lives. To find out more about Project COLORS and these specific programs, please click any of the blue, linked text.

Why is this Important? We all have the power to touch this world for the better… one smile, one small act of kindness at a time. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow or the perfect situation to fulfill these calls to Love, that ring within all of our hearts. Small aid organizations like Project COLORS minimize overhead to maximize the reach of our good-will and donations. And these donations mean so much to many of our sisters, brothers, and friends in a rough spot.

My Personal Connection. I have chosen Project COLORS to receive donations due to a personal connection I have with the Founding Director, Sunyata Choyce. We are not only friends and former UN colleagues, but I also had the great honor to join her in Sri Lanka in 2013 to visit and initiate aid channeling to children’s homes in the Batticaloa area. I have witnessed first hand, over quite a few years, the direct investment commitment of this small non-profit; which relies entirely on volunteer, donor, and in-kind support to ensure money goes where it’s needed most. For example, the $30 donation from those of you who purchased SENDING YOU MY LOVE goes to the “Tiny Tummies” Program… not to pay salaries, PR, or marketing expenses…the $30 will feed 30 hungry toddlers in South Africa for 30 days. That’s it!

How Can You Get Involved Too? To find out more about my collaboration with Project COLORS, please visit my book page: Gift Book: Sending You My Love.  To learn more about direct monetary, volunteer, or in-kind donation opportunities that make a BIG difference to those in need, visit

Are you looking for an uplifting, meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or other occasion? SENDING YOU MY LOVE is available for purchase on, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, and  Part of the profits from your book purchase will indeed go to support children and families in need through Project COLORS.

Thank you again to all who have purchased and read SENDING YOU MY LOVE – Little Thoughts on Life and Love in 2016! I am honored to be a part of your meaningful giving traditions. Here’s wishing you all the best for a life ever-filled with Love!

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