New Feb 2017 Workshops! Loving You~Loving Life~Tapping the Well Within

I hope You can join us for a Valentine’s edition of my creativity, visioning & goal-planning workshops! You’ll learn a simple, fun, accessible approach to cut through the clutter, attune to your intuition, & honor Your unique gift of life in a nurturing circle. Let’s stop wasting time with the whims & suggestions of others. There is only one You…Are You listening to her/him? 💜

ElizaBeth Coira - The Home Grown Sojourner


Love comes in so many forms, through so many teachers, and is unconditionally Yours. What if I told You all the Love You could ever need rests not outside, but rather right within You? Could You embrace this Love, this possibility in Your own life, as a simple idea and guide?

Join writer, poet, photographer, and facilitator ElizaBeth Coira for a loving, creative approach to self-discovery, goal-planning, and authentic artistic self-expression. Honor Your intuition, re-align priorities, and nurture the essential You with the Love that blooms brightest. Through artistic play and reflection, we’ll invite our hearts, heads, and spirits to come into a greater sense of balance; clearing out the clutter to witness the wisdom pulsing through each of us…stemming from our very own beautiful sense of wellness and Love within.

Are You ready to explore, envision, and embrace those whispers of Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Guidance welling up in…

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