She Unleashed ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

I am re-releasing “She Unleashed” for this April, Full Pink Moon, accompanied by an exquisite painting by my friend, Artist Ann Contois. I hope you’ll enjoy her painting, “Moon Yoga,” her watercolor study from a photograph by Gerd Altmann. This poem is an ode to the Goddesses forgotten through time, torture, appropriation, and re-write…the Divine Feminine Spirit that has been trampled, twisted, misused, and abused…and to each and every one of You everyday, ordinary, extraordinary Goddesses; getting up each morning, going out into the world, doing what you must to Honor the Extraordinary Gift that is You. 💜

She unleashed
A wrath and fury
Breath of fire on the world

She unleashed
Her tears and thunder
To replant all they had plundered

She unleashed
Her intellect
To illumine, re-construe

She unleashed
Her heart
~ the moonlight
Soaring forth to Love anew

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