FREE Well Within Visioning Workshop this Fall Equinox!

This Fall Equinox, join us to ripple forth the Love, Compassion, & Change we’d like to Be & See… for Ourselves, Our Loved Ones, & our Mother Earth.

I’m excited to team up with Compassion Games Spokane  & One Peace Many Paths to offer a FREE Well Within Workshop at the Spokane Earth & Spirit Festival, THIS SATURDAY, September 22nd!

Have You Ever Been Curious to:
~ Develop a Vision for the Greatest You, Guided by the Promise that Flows Within ~
~ Set Goals Attuned to Your Higher Calling & Compass ~
~ Unleash the Wisdom of Your Well Within to Create a Life of Greater Love, Compassion, & Interconnection ~

Join us for a loving, creative approach to self-discovery, goal-planning, & authentic artistic self-expression. Honor Your intuition, re-align priorities, & nurture the essential You with the Love that shines brightest! Through artistic play & meditative reflection, we’ll invite our Hearts, Heads, & Spirits to come into a greater sense of Balance; clearing out the clutter to witness the Wisdom pulsing through each of us…stemming from our very own beautiful sense of Wellness & Love within.

Are You Ready to Explore, Envision, & Embrace those Whispers of Love, Joy, Wisdom, & Guidance Welling Up in You?

To learn more about my Creativity, Visioning, & Goal-Planning Workshops, visit The Well Within Workshops section of my website.