Looking for a thoughtful stocking stuffer that helps others too?

Are you in the market for a thoughtful stocking stuffer this holiday season? How about one that also helps children, women, animals, and communities in need around the globe? And supports an independent artist?

My gift book “Sending You My Love” features uplifting poems and photos that ponder life, purpose, and the simple idea of Love as our ever-present guide. It’d make a great gift, whenever you’d like to share some Love! And part of the profits support those in need through non-profit aid organization Project COLORS​.

Click here to learn more:

Could Love really exist…In each and every one of us?
Could Your choice to embrace Love…Touch our world for the better?
Could it really be as simple…As Loving You today?

Available through Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon Europe, & CreateSpace.com

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