IRELAND HOME- By ElizaBeth Coira

Ireland Home_ElizaBeth

To know the land
To feel the land
Its tributes running through my veins

With head and heart
All filled up
By stone and green mountain top

To yearn to roll
In riverines
The caress of meandering hills and valleys

To long to melt
Right in to
The real life paradise before my eyes

Why do I know you

Why do I cry

Why do I love you

As though you were ever my home


A Weekend Hike In Germany_ElizaBeth

Everything is coming
And I am starting today

I go hike through forests, spanning mountains
Stretch out in a blanket of snow
Absorb the sun between gray clouds
Stumble, twist, turn through rocky trails

Stare awe-struck, dumb-founded at the mouth of a cave
Wondering what awaits us, on the inside
It’s shallow, carved out of a weathered white stone
House and host to wanderers, past and now

I wander down the path of mammoth hunters
Only to find the dominion of a king
Medieval ruins, knight’s follies
Haunted troughs, misty memories

The trees stand silent, guardians
Of earth and all our secrets
So many take their troubles to the forest
To re-emerge full of peace and serenity

I guess that’s what we’re doing here
Seeking peace, healing, piece of mind
A mind beyond time, beholden to none
We have much to learn in the trees