Free Creativity, Visioning, & Goal-Planning Workshop – Nov 6th – Spokane, WA

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
6:30 – 7:30 PM
Spokane Public Library – East Side Branch
Address: 524 S. Stone Street, Spokane, WA 99202    Phone: (509) 444-5300
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*This opportunity is offered FREE to the community, with generous support from the Spokane Public Library*

Are You ready to explore, envision, and embrace those whispers of Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Guidance welling up in You?

Through artistic play and reflection, we’ll invite our hearts, heads, and spirits to come into a greater sense of balance; clearing out the clutter to witness the wisdom pulsing through each of us…stemming from our very own beautiful sense of wellness and Love within.  Continue reading…

Rise & Shine ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

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In the wake of troubling evil on display, emboldened, even incentivized; we must unite and rise together…take shelter in the kind embrace of friendship…evolve ourselves and our nation to the greater calling of Love. You have a role to play, work to do, goodness to spin into the ever unfolding tapestry of humanity. How shall you contribute to the greater good? How shall you Rise?

Who Stole the Heart of Our Homeland ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

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The time has come for Americans of good conscience to reclaim our nation from the plights of greed, apathy, and egregious evil that have assumed control of our nation. We can no longer continue to look the other way. We can no longer cower in the shelters of relative comfort, and mind-numbing entertainment. The time has come to rise. Rise to the call within your Heart. She will show you the way.

FREE Well Within Visioning Workshop this Fall Equinox!

This Fall Equinox, join us to ripple forth the Love, Compassion, & Change we’d like to Be & See… for Ourselves, Our Loved Ones, & our Mother Earth.

I’m excited to team up with Compassion Games Spokane  & One Peace Many Paths to offer a FREE Well Within Workshop at the Spokane Earth & Spirit Festival, THIS SATURDAY, September 22nd!

Have You Ever Been Curious to:
~ Develop a Vision for the Greatest You, Guided by the Promise that Flows Within ~
~ Set Goals Attuned to Your Higher Calling & Compass ~
~ Unleash the Wisdom of Your Well Within to Create a Life of Greater Love, Compassion, & Interconnection ~

Join us for a loving, creative approach to self-discovery, goal-planning, & authentic artistic self-expression. Honor Your intuition, re-align priorities, & nurture the essential You with the Love that shines brightest! Through artistic play & meditative reflection, we’ll invite our Hearts, Heads, & Spirits to come into a greater sense of Balance; clearing out the clutter to witness the Wisdom pulsing through each of us…stemming from our very own beautiful sense of Wellness & Love within.

Are You Ready to Explore, Envision, & Embrace those Whispers of Love, Joy, Wisdom, & Guidance Welling Up in You?

To learn more about my Creativity, Visioning, & Goal-Planning Workshops, visit The Well Within Workshops section of my website.

Shall We Awake From This Nightmare ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

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May this nightmare never come to full fruition. We must shatter the sickly seeds that have already taken root.

As I write from a smokey, hazy eastern Washington state; I wonder who could ever truly believe that chopping down trees, “thinning out” forests, would actually reduce our risk of fires.  Dense forests hold in more moisture and create balanced, thriving micro-ecosystems–which are more resilient to fires. Just take a look around. Wander through a dense forest. And wander through one that’s been thinned, harvested, slaughtered. What feels right, healthier, balanced? I can assure you it’s not the one that’s been gutted out.

What sickens me more than the smokey haze is our current leadership’s audacity to insert an agenda of profit and greed as a solution to the effects of our already egregious state of environmental degradation. May we the people rescue our great country from the grips of this unspeakable, unfathomable, undeniable evil before it’s too late. May this poem be a warning of what is not inevitable, but of what may come to pass, should you continue to sit idly by, doing absolutely nothing for the Greater Good that has nurtured you.