STRENGTH – By ElizaBeth Coira

Strength_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

How shall we invite
One another
To hold on
To the good
Glow inside

Not one of us goes
A day with escape
From choices
That suggest otherwise

But Love is powerful
Kindness is wise
Step into your strength
Open fresh eyes

To a new day
New world

Right here
In the now

Our planet provides
What we all
Indeed need

But greed
Is a poison
We could do

Thank You “SENDING YOU MY LOVE” Readers! Donations Made With Your Purchase!

Gifts of Food & Shoes_Sending You My Love_HomeGrownSojourner

MANY THANKS to all of you who have purchased and read my new little gift book, SENDING YOU MY LOVE – Little Thoughts on Life and Love! Part of your purchase has allowed me to make a donation to help children in great need in both Sri Lanka and South Africa– from all of us!

Through one of my favorite international aid organizations, Project COLORS,  girls and boys living in children’s homes in Sri Lanka will have new shoes to protect their sweet little feet. And toddlers in South Africa will receive critical, immune-boosting nutrition to save their lives. To find out more about Project COLORS and these specific programs, please click any of the blue, linked text.

 Why is this Important? We all have the power to touch this world for the better… one smile, one small act of kindness at a time. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow or the perfect situation to fulfill these calls to Love, that ring within all of our hearts. Small aid organizations like Project COLORS minimize overhead to maximize the reach of our good-will and donations. And these donations mean so much to many of our sisters, brothers, and friends in a rough spot.

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