Until the Next Flower – By ElizaBeth Coira

Hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day weekend! And thank goodness everyday is Earth Day! Afterall, Earth happens to be the Great Common Ground we’re all living on, here in the now and present. Please enjoy “Until the Next Flower.” I was honored to share it this weekend at the Earth Day Celebration & Community Festival in Spokane, WA 🙂

ElizaBeth Coira - The Home Grown Sojourner


There is no light
That summer brings
Than the One

The Light of Love
Illuminates us
Equal, shimmering
In the sun

Do you remember
All you people
The promise
We once held

Far too many
Have forgotten
Turned from paradise
To hell

But paradise
Still exists
Open up
Your lives

Turn off the clutter
Hate-filled noise
Tune in to Nature’s
Simple joy

Her paths will open
Up your wonder
Fields and forests

Smile and flow
Like rivers roll
And Love will bloom

In you

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She Unleashed ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

I am re-releasing “She Unleashed” for this April, Full Pink Moon, accompanied by an exquisite painting by my friend, Artist Ann Contois. I hope you’ll enjoy her painting, “Moon Yoga,” her watercolor study from a photograph by Gerd Altmann. This poem is an ode to the Goddesses forgotten through time, torture, appropriation, and re-write…the Divine Feminine Spirit that has been trampled, twisted, misused, and abused…and to each and every one of You everyday, ordinary, extraordinary Goddesses; getting up each morning, going out into the world, doing what you must to Honor the Extraordinary Gift that is You. 💜

She unleashed
A wrath and fury
Breath of fire on the world

She unleashed
Her tears and thunder
To replant all they had plundered

She unleashed
Her intellect
To illumine, re-construe

She unleashed
Her heart
~ the moonlight
Soaring forth to Love anew

Could It Be ~ By ElizaBeth Coira

Could God be
What We Do to each other

Could Life be
The Great Divine breath

Could God be greater
Than any single

Could ~Love~ be Your guide
To Bloom

Could Earth be
Our Divine Common Temple
Right here in the Now

Could Trees be
Our feeders
Divine providers

Could Water be
Our life flow
That the ~Love~ inside Us
Always finds its way Home

Could you Embrace
All beautiful Life
As Divine
                the Gift
That Shines in You too