POVERTY – By ElizaBeth Coira

Poverty_ElizaBeth Coira_HomeGrownSojourner

Poverty isn’t a virtue
Poverty isn’t a vibe
Sometimes it just happens
Depending on your birth, right?

Or country


But sometimes
It’s none of those
Sometimes it’s a way
Of seeing and being

Is poverty only
For the poor
Or starved of spirit

Poverty has
Human eyes
Old and young
Both live it

Poor of wealth
Deprived of things
A shelter
Or something to eat

Hole in heart
Ragged clothes
What is it
We all deserve

Poverty isn’t only
For the bad

Poverty takes
Many forms
What does a soul
Need to thrive

Clean water
Clear air
Bright sun
Cool rain

A roof over head
Nourishing food
Are we all
Really the same

Creative space
Happy, love, joy
All around

Well that all
Depends upon
What you see
And believe

I have seen
A blind man smile
A woman in dirt
Raise her head to the sun

A decked out suit
Shiver and crumple
Lost in shadows
Of a dark cubicle

Who is wiser
Who’s the one who cannot see

Beauty, love
All around
These are all
Gifts that are free

Poverty of soul
Poverty of spirit
Poverty of
Basic essentials

I ask again
What does soul need
To thrive
And survive

What is the cost of existence?

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