SILENCE – By ElizaBeth Coira


When tickled
With bird song
And sunshine

Could there be
Any other
More divine

Away from the hustle
Bustle of busy
Traffic, pollution
Of mind

Sitting silently
Beneath the canopies
Of pine trees that love
To keep the peace

Shaded in solace
In soft undergrowth
The sounds of silence
Stretch out over me

High above
In between
All around
Down below

Their peace
Their silence
Through my soul

And every
Of existence

2 thoughts on “SILENCE – By ElizaBeth Coira

  1. I hope you had the happiest of Earth Days…or simply a happy moment here on Earth! I find so much peace meandering amidst the trees. May we remember to honor, respect and protect the spaces, gifts and treasures inherent in our Nature…

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